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We moved into Battle in 2021, we snook down between lockdowns leaving London in our rearview mirror excited to make our new home in the historic town of Battle and it took a year to turn very large into the studio you see here today. 

When looking for our new home one of the key priorities was to find a studio space that was a bit bigger than my garden studio

8 ft /10 ft potting shed which had been my only space to work for over 10 years.

So when I first saw this very large garage with a footprint of  11m / 8 m filled with old cars and bikes  I knew this was the place. 

We wanted a space that will be a quiet relaxing productive space to give me and other local artists and makers the room to work and achieve their goals and dreams.


We have added a kitchen and a bathroom and daylight bulbs and some slick freestanding heaters making this studio a perfect location to produce your work. either singular or in groups. 


we want this place to be as fulfilling to you as it is to me when I paint in this fantastic space. 

So feel free to visit and take a look for yourself. We will put the kettle on. 

The dogs may say hello but they are just noisy!  

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